Sea Shepherd suspends anti-whaling

A few hours ago, the renowned Captain Paul Watson announced on Facebook the heavy decision to suspend the whalers’ hunt by the international maritime NGO Sea Shepherd.

This decision, shaking the world of organizations as well as cetacean defenders, is partly due to the unequal technological means between the Japanese and the NGO Sea Shepherd: “We have discovered in recent months that Japan is now using a system of military surveillance that allows them to track the Sea Sheperd vessels by satellite, and thus avoid us easily. We can not fight this technology. “- Captain Paul Watson.

As a reminder: “Sea Sheperd has achieved something absolutely remarkable over the last twelve years. In 2005, we pledged to fight the biggest and most devastating fleet in the world. Some governments and some NGOs told us that it was impossible. Very few people were then aware of the illegal massacre of whales by the Japanese in the Great South. Out of sight out of mind. They targeted 1,035 whales per year, including 50 humpback whales and 50 whales, two protected species. We had few resources at the time, but we went on the Farley Mowat to pursue the whalers across the South Pacific. Every year since then, we have become stronger and more effective. The results speak for themselves: more than 6,000 whales have been rescued. Not a humpback whale was hit. And Japanese whalers have lost tens of millions of dollars. We have also revealed to the world the illegal activities of Japan through our television show “Whale Wars”. ”


In addition, Japan has stepped up its anti-terrorist laws including the actions of Sea Shepherd, making the task doubly difficult for the NGO fighting body and soul for cetaceans for 12 years in the North Pacific: “This year Japan has accentuated its resistance with the adoption of anti-terrorist laws, some of which were specifically drafted to condemn Sea Sheperd’s tactics. For the very first time, they publicly stated that they were likely to send soldiers to protect the illegal activity of whalers. – Captain Paul Watson

The conclusion is that Sea Shepherd will not send any ship this year to the Great South!

“The actions of Sea Sheperd against the whalers will continue, not only against the Japanese, but also the Norwegians, the Danish and the Icelandic. This is our credo for 40 years. We will not give up until this abomination is abolished forever and for all. Our goal is to continue to serve and protect all marine life from the illegal and greedy exploitation of destructive humans. Sea Sheperd is guided only by one truth: if the ocean dies, we too! ”



Credits photos Sea Shepherd

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