Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The fiscal year 2018 budget resolution has been unveiled by the Senate Budget Committee. And guess what? It allows oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.


The Arctic Refuge is a vulnerable place, with great natural value to wildlife, to the people who rely on this land. Amercian people must be proud of it.

“Congress must continue to protect one of America’s last remaining pristine landscapes,” said Calvelli, “and reject this attempt to allow drilling in the Arctic Refuge. Once done, it can never be taken back.”

The Arctic Refuge provides critical habitat and migration passage for a diverse array of wildlife, including:

  • caribou
  • muskoxen
  • wolverines
  • Arctic foxes
  • lemmings
  • gyrfalcons
  • ptarmigans
  • a vast international assemblage of migratory birds that breed there in the summer.

Even worst,  the plain has the highest density of denning polar bears in Arctic Alaska. Faced with the dramatic loss of sea ice, polar bears are increasingly dependent on safe and disturbance-free den sites to rear their young.




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