Clean Power Plan: Trump administration will repeal Obama’s flagship measure for climate

“On Tuesday in Washington, I will sign a bill to repeal the so-called clean power plan of the previous administration.” It is in these terms that was introduced the bill to repeal one of the emblematic Obama law.

US Environment Minister Scott Pruitt announced this in a speech in the state of Kentucky on Monday (October 9th). Originally, the Clean Power Plan imposed reductions in their CO2 emissions to thermal power plants using fossil fuels. This is one of the first steps of Pruitt, fervent opponent of Obama and named by Trump to dismantle the protection of the environment.

Scott Pruitt, 49, is the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the federal agency created in 1970 to regulate air, water and land. He was one of the most fervent supporters of the exit of the Paris agreement, which he considered “bad” for the United States. When he was the Attorney General of Oklahoma, defending the interests of the state against the central power, he scrapped in court against the Obama administration, hand in hand with the petroleum industry of which he was de facto one of the most effective lobbyists.

This sounds like a bad joke in order to make us laugh a few seconds. Yet this masquerade is very real. This proves to us a second time that the Trump administration is not up to the expectations of the citizens of this world. Speaking as the greatest nation in the world, the United States should show the way forward, particularly in terms of sustainable development and respect for the human values that unite us.

To be continued …

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