The English explorer is about to cross the Antarctic, alone and without any assistance.

Ben Saunders has 11 expeditions to his credit.
At the beginning of November, he will leave Berkner Island for an arrival in mid-January at the Ross Gateway, passing through the South Pole and the Shackleton Glacier.

Trajet Ben.jpeg

A crossing from east to west had cost the life of his friend Lieutenant Henry Worsley. He intends to pay tribute to him by finishing his journey and raising funds for the Royal Foundation created by Prince Harry, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge and helping wounded veterans.

Ben Saunders will travel about 1700 km, carrying Canada Goose-designed equipment for the first time and chronicling on Instagram @polarben on a satellite phone. An adventure made possible by two other sponsors: The Bremont Watch Company and Jaguar Land Rover.

Environmental expedition?
“We collected data on my last Antarctic expedition. I hope this time to raise awareness of the continent, especially through social networks. In 2004, I crossed the Arctic Ocean from Russia to Canada skiing. Nobody has done it since. This is no longer possible. The ice melted.” he said.

Ben has even thought of his lucky charm: Barnaby, a teddy bear that accompanies it everywhere. (He even climbed the K2)


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