Sea Shepherd picks up former US Coast Guard patrolman

The fleet of the Sea Shepherd Environmental Protection Organization has a new vessel. It is a former United States Coast Guard Reformed Unit, formerly Brainbridge Island, one of 49 patrol boats that the Lockport Bollinger Shipyard delivered to the US Coast Guard between 1986 and 1992. The latter only exploited 27 last year, the whole to be disarmed between 2017 and 2022.

Brainbridge Island was withdrawn from service in March 2014. It was acquired by Sea Shepherd with financial support from Chris Sharp, a wealthy Miami entrepreneur who has founded various biomedical companies and has been a long-time sponsor of the organization.

It is also in Miami that the ship, renovated and now displaying the colors of the “pirates of the environment”, will be officially unveiled on December 11. His name is now Sharpie.

At 33.5 meters long and 6.4 meters wide, the former patrol boat is now equipped with two Caterpillar diesel engines, enabling it to reach speeds of 29.5 knots, with a range of 3300 miles.

For his first mission, the Sharpie will join three other Sea Shepherd boats, the Farley, Mowat and John Paul de Joria, currently engaged in Operation Milagro IV, a defense campaign for the Vaquita, a Gulf of California porpoise threatened with extinction. extinction.


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