Greed for Antarctica, or how to fuck our planet.

It is difficult for me to pass over such human stupidity as greed or short-termism.

Tourism is a heavy carbon industry that can be easily transformed. Unfortunately, the responsibility is not mandatory for all. This is at least the case of Chinese tourists and tour operators such as White Desert -Luxury Adventures in Antartica (LOL) by opening lines of touristic aircrafts to access Antarctica.

Please enjoy the AMAZING article done by Forbes to promote this kind of luxury travels. “Let’s fuck with our planet in a luxury way”: this could be the title of this article.


When will the human beings understand that it is necessary to act differently, to stop thinking about comfort rather than reasonableness?

The influx of tourists into areas increases the stress on local biodiversity and makes this nature accessible and therefore less vulnerable.

The trip lasts more than 20 hours from Hong Kong, with a stopover in Cape Town, South Africa.

Antarctic tourists were numbered by more than 45,000 last year. A figure normally limited by the long and rough trip by boat.

The IAATO (International Association Antarctica Tour Operators) manages – for the moment – to ensure compliance with the quotas, assembles the tour operators and controls the preservation of fauna and local biodiversity.

Let’s hope that the demand for these trips does not increase drastically, the time that the NGOs and the protectors of Antarctica respond quickly to such initiatives by limiting this continent to research and to the respect.

Money can be used for much more noble purposes than being flown for $ 80,000 for a few days.

The protagonists could contribute by preserving this ecosystem and travelling in a neutral way.

The greed of these people is damaging the whole ecosystem. We know that the poles are in danger, and we are sending, even more, people to these territories through polluting routes.

The 7th continent is no longer so accessible …

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