Reunion Island: the shark fishery will be intensified

You can definitely guess my sadness at such news. I love sharks more than anything and the respect they give off. These super predators we have so much to learn from and respect. Sensitive and intelligent animals that we always see as a threat while dogs kill more people a year. We must believe that bad thinkers have the power.

The town of Saint-Paul (Reunion Island) and its partners are holding a press conference this week to make announcements about shark risk reduction. The shark fishery will increase in early 2018 with the new Cap Sharks 3 program soon to be piloted by the Resource and Support Center (CRA). More samples will be taken off the spot Boucan Canot and Roches Noires in Saint-Gilles-Les-Bains where the town hall of Saint-Paul put on a return of water activities safely before the end of 2018.

Representatives of the Saint-pauloise community and their partners will discuss avenues at this press point. For three months, she has been conducting technical meetings with the CRA, the Marine Reserve and the State. Objective: to stimulate new actions.

According to the information, the new Cap Sharks 3 program will be launched in February 2018, which the Resource and Support Center will be the prime contractor – and no longer by the Committee on Fisheries – will help intensify the fishing effort. In particular off the two spots previously very busy when the nets were in place.

“The idea is to increase the frequency of fishing around the outer perimeter of the Reserve with the CRA which is launching its market for CAP sharks 3. Especially off Boucan Canot and Roches Noires. bottom, we can catch bulldogs and tigers but in a targeted way, “slips a source on the front line in this folder.

“If a shark rode too close to these spots, the idea is to attract him to be able to take it.There is a double protection.These proposals have been validated.They will be explained at this press conference”, announces our interlocutor. The Cap Sharks 2 program ends at the end of December 2017.

The new call for tenders launched at the end of October 2017, governing the new fishing program 2018-2021, is currently being examined. The first fishing gear must be deployed in February 2018, says the CRA. We also remain to wait for the answers of the French Minister of Overseas Annick Girardin about the shark crisis.

During her visit to the island in October, she promised to review the ciguatera decree and addressed the issue of marketing shark meat. While also evoking solutions to return to the water.

“We asked for answers from the government by putting pressure and asking questions to the Overseas Minister, and the state should announce things like the minister promised. more complicated is the ciguatera decree where we have no elements of response “, adds another connoisseur of this file.

An intensification of fishing effort remains “necessary” according to him given the number of specimens caught since the recovery of Cape Sharks 2. A program put to sleep from late June to late September. Since its recovery, eight tiger sharks and a bulldog have been collected.

The last capture date of December 18 with the taking of two females bulldog and tiger, measuring respectively 2 meters 92 and 2 m 65. At the Hermitage and Saint-Gilles. Among these nine specimens, there are eight females and one male. An increased sampling but also future nets against sharks posed to protect themselves from sharks.

A temporary bathing net has just been installed at Roches Noires on December 21st. Before the school holidays. But the return of nautical activities should take place by the end of 2018 at Roches and Boucan. Willy Cail, director of prevention and safety at the town hall of Saint-Paul, specifies the contours of this project.

“This temporary net is part of a global project with the launch of a project management assistance (AMO) led by a group of companies.A recognized marine engineering firm, lawyers and specialists in the behaviour of sharks make up this structure and will soon receive its market notification from the municipality, “commented the executive.

The AMO will work on protective equipment to put in place to allow the complete return to the practice of water activities safely. CRA is currently testing three types of nets in Boucan. Willy Cail is hoping for a deployment of the Boucan Canot and Roches devices by the end of 2018.

The group will conduct a four-week audit in January 2018 to review old nets previously installed on both beaches. He will then have six months to propose solutions.

“Our goal is to reduce this delay with a project with several options to be able to launch the markets with the companies.The commune of Saint-Paul will mount the specifications of the load. In contrast to before, it was Seanergy who proposed his net”, slides it.

When will we understand that predators such as sharks are not the problem but we are? By what right can we excel such a pressure on an ecosystem and such a force of nature. Sharks are regulators. To fish sharks and eat his flesh would be to hunt and eat the Lion of the savannah.



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