My lovely French plastic island: Ile de Ré

A very short article to put some things in perspective.

Today was a particularly long day. Due to the schedule changes, I had to go to the seaside to retrieve many things, diving equipment and surfing stuff (yes as much combine the useful with the pleasant).

After a brief stint for business, I left the luxury of walking a few minutes on the beach, with a cool north/north-west wind. A ballad quite invigorating. I meet some brave friends in the water (hollows of 2 meters and a raging sea), we sit and I continue my little way.

In less than 10 minutes and 200 meters, I find plastic bottles, fishing nets, aerosol balls, plastic (supposed to be biodegradable), nylon, straws, condoms and many other human works.


You will say to me: “Ok this is beautiful your story but it is not new to find waste on the beach.”

Certainly, but on this island the currents make that the waste is not brought back so easily in this zone and still less on the part of this island. I want to come to the fact that the density (or concentration) is felt even in places usually little polluted.

The second point is that the community responsible for this beach has removed the trash bins for 1 year.
Why? What is the principle? Tourists or residents, everyone generates waste! As far as the latter is taken care of from the beginning in a responsible way by the town halls and treat them correctly.


How does it end? By the fact that you bring your own waste, as well as those of the sea to the parking lot without any means to store them.

A lot of work has to be done by people for sorting, as well as the awareness of using less packaging, less plastic and limiting themselves more and more to hygiene packaging.

But an even more important work must be done by town halls to put in place tools and means of responsible, explicit collection. Raise public awareness walking on the beach to pay attention to the environment they are on and implement a simple education policy with signs.

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