I grew up on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

A beautiful house on the beach a few meters from the waves. My brother and I were lucky enough to see our turtles laying eggs, dolphins and whales before our 10th birthday, making us realize that life was a fragile blue.

Over the years the water has advanced and we had to leave this childhood homes otherwise we would have taken our breakfast with the foam of the waves.
We are nothing compared to the immensity of the oceans, of their strength and their geographical advance.

The Ocean Guardian is for me a way to externalize this passion that I have for the oceans, my fight for their defence, my wish to gather and sensitize a maximum of actors who could help make a change.

A few weeks ago I decided to launch Ocean Crowdfunding, a fundraising platform to finance sustainable projects related to the ocean. It allows me to work harder on impactful projects contributing to making seas and beaches in a better shape.

When I find myself facing the ocean I keep thinking of the thousands of kilometres crossed by a simple drop of water. A path of many years, a perpetual force.

I hope to have that strength and perseverance throughout my life to protect, educate and fascinate people about the blue world.